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Hi, we’re Jelmer and Esmee from Freedom Voyagers. Here we share travel inspiration, guides, itineraries and our top tips with you. All of them completely backpacker friendly & budget-proof!

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As a backpacker, you want to travel at your own pace and go with the flow, without missing out on any of the fun. We understand.

That’s why we create travel guides and itineraries, packed with do-it-yourself adventures, recommendations to beat the crowds and tips to keep the budget low.

Use them to curate your route and create your next big adventure. Whether you’re headed to Asia, Europe or South-America – we’ve got you covered.

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With only a few alterations, you can create an amazing trip that has a smaller impact on our planet. 

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We’re currently on the road for a full year exploring South-America, Oceania and South-East Asia. 

While Esmee writes, Jelmer takes his camera everywhere he goes – the perfect combination to document our travels. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to collect the most epic experiences and visit the most beautiful places. And of course, share them with you here on Freedom Voyagers.