Day: 7 May 2020

Mount Bromo Indonesia

A complete guide to climbing Mount Bromo

Climbing Mount Bromo is considered one of the most amazing attractions on Java. To make sure you don’t miss out on this natural wonder, we’ve made this complete guide to visiting Mount Bromo.

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Alkmaar travel

The ultimate stroll around Alkmaar

Looking for a great, non-touristy alternative for Amsterdam? Then Alkmaar is the place for you. Take a look at this stroll around Alkmaar, including an interactive map!

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Scotland: the ultimate 2,5-week roadtip

Although Scotland might not be the ultimate sunny destination, it does have rough mountain sights, ancient castles and interesting culture. It’s the perfect place for a roadtrip.

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Ha Giang Loop

Vietnam’s hidden gem: the Hà Giang Loop

The Hà Giang Loop has it all: the nature, the thrill, the culture and the adventure. And the best thing is that the big crowds haven’t discovered it yet.

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