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Every year, we plan at least one trip in our own home country, which is The Netherlands. We mostly prefer areas that are nature gifted, but have some historical cities with great architecture nearby. One of our trips was to Limburg, which is the southernmost province of The Netherlands. We stayed close to National Park Maasduinen, where we found silence, tranquility and most of all a stunning landscape. 

In this guide we’ll tell you how to get to National Park Maasduinen, what to do there (and in the area) and show you the travel video we’ve made there.

National Park Maasduinen
Dutch national park

How to get there

Quite some travellers that are planning a trip to The Netherlands, will probably base themselves in or around Amsterdam. That’s why we’ll explain how to get from the capital to Limburg and National Park Maasduinen. 

In The Netherlands, the public transport system works really well and is affordable too, so that’s why we suggest going by train. This will take around two and a half to three hours. But don’t worry, because time will fly by as you’re watching the Dutch landscapes from the train window. 

From Amsterdam Central Station, you hop on the train to Nijmegen. Then, you get off the train in Nijmegen and switch to bus Arriva Qliner 83, which is going to Venlo Station. Get off the bus at bus stop Bosserheide, Well. From there, it’s only a ten minutes walk to the visitor center where you can enter National Park Maasduinen. If you’re coming from somewhere else by bike or car, you can park your vehicle right in front of the visitor center for free.

Dutch National Park

What to do in National Park Maasduinen

When we visited National Park Maasduinen, we hiked around the Reinders Lake. But there are seventeen hikes in total going around the park, so it’s totally up to you where to go. Or go biking, mountainbiking or horseriding! Check out this interactive map to get a clear idea of the national park and all the routes.

You can also go into the national park with an experienced guide, who can tell you all about the unique flora and fauna and the conservation of the park. If you pay close attention, you might spot some smooth snakes, sand lizards, cranes, nightjars, buzzards and beavers. And on top of that, thirty three of the fifty butterfly species that exist in The Netherlands, can be found here!

After enjoying National Park Maasduinen, you can extend your stay with a visit to historical town Gennep. It’s a small town, but does has some nice structures for you to see. Think of the town hall, the Martinus tower, the Reformed Church, the oldest house of Gennep (dating back to 1525), the Belt Mill and the mosaic square. 

Nationaal Park Maasduinen

Our travel video about National Park Maasduinen

During our visit to National Park Maasduinen, we used our camera to create some cinematic shots of the area. We edited it into a short travel video, which will give you a clear idea of what National Park Maasduinen looks like. We hope you enjoy it!

TIP: We also made a travel video about our stroll through Dutch historical city Alkmaar. You can find it in our blog about Alkmaar, which will also tell you all about the city’s highlights.


If you have any questions about National Park Maasduinen, drop them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!

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