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We’re Esmee & Jelmer, a couple from The Netherlands. We’ve been travelling together for several years now and have been enjoying everything this beautiful world has to offer. When we came back from our first backpacking trip in Indonesia, and we had so many stories to tell, we felt like we wanted to share that with a bigger audience. Esmee loves to write and Jelmer is a photographer and videographer – the perfect combination of sharing our travel experience. We sincerely hope they inspire you to go out there and explore in a sustainable way as well.

About page

“We don’t need a handful of people doing sustainability perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne Marie Bonneau.

Why travel in a sustainable way?

For years we weren’t fully aware of all the harm our travels may inflict. Sure, in the back of our heads we knew that flying wasn’t exactly the most green form of transportation. But only recently we opened our eyes towards all the other damage: (plastic) pollution, loss of biodiversity, destruction of nature, changing climates and extreme weather conditions. That’s only the ecological side to the story: the possible social destruction, such as poverty and loss of authenticity of destinations due to overtourism, should not be overlooked.

How to travel sustainably?​

Once you know and see all of this, it’s almost impossible not to second guess your own impact. But where to start? How can you make a difference in one of the world’s biggest industries? That’s where we come in: Freedom Voyagers is designed to hand you inspirational ideas and practical information on how to travel more sustainably and responsibly. Want to compensate your carbon footprint? Eat vegetarian or vegan? Take package free toiletries with you? Travel with an alternative form of transportation? Give back to local communities and economies? We’ve got you covered. We believe it’s all about small steps that make a big impact when done collectively. 

Happy travels!